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Charbel Joseph Semaan

Believer / Father / Designer

A bit about me

Hi, I'm Charbel Semaan. I enjoy helping people make a living and make a difference using design in everyday life.

I've had the pleasure of designing, marketing, and teaching for LinkedIn, Google, Yahoo!, Stanford, and Silicon Valley startups.

My latest side project is an experiment in unleashing creativity through public product design at Made in Public.


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Feel free to get in touch, or say hello.

Careers: I'm hiring designers, developers, marketers for a few startups I advise.
Makers: Taking requests to be on my upcoming podcast, Made in Public.
Project: Made in Public


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Career Navigation at LinkedIn

Design, Branding, Front-End Dev

MindTickle Content

Content Design

Yahoo! IT Support

Branding, Logo Design


Mobile UI/UX, Branding

MindTickle Ebook

Content Marketing Design

Sparked Writing App

Mobile UI/UX Design

Side Project: Made in Public

Exploring the science and soul of creativity


Learn from other makers, creators, and artists to cross-pollinate our creativity.


Follow my weekly product design sprints to turn ideas into action.


"Design Your Life" with Bill Burnett and Dave Evans of the Stanford d.School.

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